Characteristics of menarche

For the first time to menstruation girls, menstruation is not so deep understanding, so the characteristics of menarche do not understand, always cause misunderstanding. So, what are the characteristics of menarche?

 1. menarche colour

 Menstrual menarche color is usually bright red or brown, such color and normal menstrual color is different, but not abnormal embodiment, because menstrual menarche color is such a situation, this is related to the physical development of girls.

 2. abdominal pain

 Menstrual menarche in addition to color characteristics, girls in the first menstruation, may have abdominal pain, this is also because of the the reason, the body function has not been fully developed, after a few menstruation, abdominal pain will improve.

 3. acne

 Women who have experienced menstruation know that when acne, must be coming to menstruation. And if the girl suddenly found a lot of acne, and there is pus, it is possible to come to menarche.

 4. leucorrhea changes

 The correct leucorrhea is no odour, and the color is healthy. At normal age, if the leucorrhea appears tan, girls should consider whether to come to menarche possibility.

 5. height and weight suddenly increased

 Height increase is in a certain normal value, after puberty, if found height and weight are significantly increased, this means that in half a year may come menarche.

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