Menarche is usually a few days

Menarche is usually a few days

 For the first time to menstruation girls, will certainly feel less comfortable, always think of the past quickly, to return to the appearance of random running, so they want to know that menarche takes a few days. So, menstrual menarche generally a few days?

 Generally speaking, menarche takes about a week. During this time, the endometrium slowly falls off until it falls off completely, and then under the action of hormones, there is a new endometrium. At this time, menarche is basically over.

 A week can be said to be most of the time, but not everyone's, which is mainly related to the function of the individual. Some women may not have a week, as long as two days are gone, and others may take 10 days to be completely clean. All are not absolute numbers.

 After menarche comes, there will be a long period of menstruation is not normal law, some may delay, some may advance, but this is normal. From menarche to normal menstrual cycle, it takes a time process, some people may take 2 years to have a normal menstrual cycle. But these are normal situations, without worrying.

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