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Under normal circumstances, girls between the ages of 10 and 18 will come to menarche, that is, the first menstruation, but there are also individual cases before or after the age of 18, often after menarche after the second menstruation is often not so punctual. Because this is ovarian function is not mature reason, that girl after menarche when will come second menstruation?

 When will the second menstruation come after menarche

 Female menarche occurred in 10-16 years old, normal menstrual period is 28-30 days. After menarche, the ovary is immature, its weight is only 40% of the mature, and the ovary continues to develop. Because ovarian function and regulation function is still unstable, the second menstruation generally does not reach on time. Some women come 2-3 months after menarche, some even half a year before the second menstruation, these are normal phenomena.

 General menarche after 2 years or so will form a regular menstrual cycle, if 2 years after menarche is still menstrual abnormal, need to seek medical examination to confirm the cause.

 What are the symptoms before menstruation

 There are some girls before menstruation will appear a series of symptoms, such as fatigue, irritability, depression, lethargy, or even causeless crying or rage. Serious people do not want to ignore their parents and friends, isolated to bedridden. Often accompanied by breast pain, abdominal distention, constipation. Others have swelling in the first 1-3 days, especially in the morning, swelling of their fingers, and swelling of their lower limbs in the afternoon.

 These symptoms disappear after menstruation, but these symptoms do not appear in a person at the same time, generally a person will only appear 1-2 symptoms.

  So don't worry about girls who have delayed their second menstruation. It's normal for two to three months, or even for the second time in half a year. Pay attention to the hygiene of private parts, adjust their rest time as far as possible do not stay up late waiting for their menstruation will not have too big problems.

sanitary napkin

sanitary napkin