Postpartum physiological pants


In the early postpartum period, the mother's physical condition is very strict to the nursing requirement, because the pregnant woman is particularly sensitive to the skin in the early postpartum period, so the underwear material must not stimulate the skin, and the postpartum physiological pants are soft cotton fabric, gentle and non-irritating.

 The discharge of a large amount of lochia can easily lead to the breeding of bacteria, and postpartum physiological pants to the waist are breathable waterproof fabric, which can prevent mothers lochia side leakage, but also reduce bacterial breeding, It can improve the sleep quality of mothers and help mothers to repair postpartum. 

Different from ordinary underwear in the bottom of pants at the bottom of the magic buckle, so that you can easily replace the pad at any time, and magic points for fixed and lower opening movable two kinds. However, the lower opening is generally more convenient than the fixed type.