Adult diapers

Adult diapers are one of the disposable diapers and one of the adult care products. They are mainly suitable for incontinence adults.

 Most of the products are purchased in flakes, wearing shorts. Use adhesive sheets to connect into a pair of shorts. The adhesive also adjusts the waist size of the trousers to suit different fat and thin bodies.

 Generally speaking, diapers are divided into three layers from inside to outside, the inner layer is close to the skin and made of non-woven fabric; the middle layer is absorbent wool pulp, with polymer absorbent; the outer layer is impervious plastic film.

 Suitable for moderate and severe incontinence, paralyzed bedridden patients, puerperium lochia, etc

 Traffic jams, people unable to go to the toilet and the college entrance examination.

 For example, during the World Cup, many young fans who want to cheer the team outdoors choose to buy adult diapers in order to cope with the situation of internal emergencies.

 Provide professional leak protection for people with different incontinence levels, so that people suffering from urinary incontinence enjoy a normal and dynamic life.

 1. like real underwear easy to wear off, comfortable and comfortable.

 2. special funnel type super instant suction system, absorb urine moisture up to 5~6 hours, the surface is still dry.

 3.360 degrees elastic breathable waist, close and comfortable, free of movement.

 4. absorption layer contains flavor suppression factor, inhibition of awkward odour, fresh time.

 5. soft elastic leakage-proof edge, comfortable leakage-proof.

 There are two main categories: lap and pull pants.

 Lala pants suitable for patients who can walk down the ground, the size to buy the appropriate, after the meeting side leakage, too small to strangle uncomfortable.

 There are also two types of mouth: repeated mouth (can be lined with diapers combined); one-time mouth, with one throw.


 In the selection of diapers, we should make a comparison of the external diapers, select the appropriate diapers, so as to play the role of diapers.

 1: must fit in the figure of the wearer. In particular, the legs and waist of the tight groove can not be too tight, otherwise the skin will be strangled. Diapers are sometimes not exactly the same size and may vary with different manufacturer brands. It is recommended to refer to the number marked outside the package.

 2: leak-proof design can prevent leakage of urine. Adult urine is more, choose leak-proof design of diapers, that is, the inner thigh of the hem and waist leakage-proof hem, when too much urine can effectively prevent leakage.

 3: adhesive function is good. When using glue paste should be able to stick to diapers, and after untied diapers can still be repeated paste, even if the patient up and down wheelchair change position, will not loosen, fall off.


 When using diapers, we must consider the particularity of individual skin sensitivity difference. After selecting suitable size diapers, we should also consider the following aspects:

 1: diapers should be soft, do not cause allergies, skin care ingredients.

 2: diapers should have super water absorption.

 3: choose high permeability diapers. When the ambient temperature increases, the temperature of the skin is difficult to control. If the moisture and heat can not be properly revealed, it is easy to produce heat prickly heat and diaper rash.