Preparation of sanitary napkins for caesarean section

     During the pregnancy of pregnant women, sanitary napkins can be prepared in advance, because in the postpartum parturient there will be lochia excretion, which requires sanitary napkins, and the use of sanitary napkins should also be based on health and replaced on time.

 So, does caesarean section need to prepare sanitary napkins?

   On the other hand, we also need to prepare larger pads, and after cesarean section, we need pads under the buttocks. Also need to prepare mamma towel, postpartum lochia is more, ordinary sanitary napkin is not enough, must postpartum mommy towel.

 In addition, the mother also needs to prepare the abdominal band, after cesarean section to get out of bed when the best band, so that the activity is more convenient, will not feel the wound too painful. In addition to preparing the mother's things, but also to prepare the baby's things, the baby usually needs to prepare clothes, paper diapers, as well as the preparation of bottles and milk powder. Because the mother has just been born, milk is generally not enough, need to supplement milk powder, and before going to the hospital, milk bottles and baby clothes to do a good disinfection, after the operation, immediately can be taken out for use.

 Caesarean section does not need to be hospitalized in advance, let the doctor choose the time of hospitalization according to your physical condition, just stay in the night before.

 Pay special attention to abdominal wound healing and nursing after caesarean section. Abdominal wounds are divided into two types, straight incision and transverse incision. On the third day of postpartum, the wound changed dressing, check for blood leakage and redness, generally, the wound should be changed once after operation, the seventh day to remove the thread. If you are obese, or have diabetes, anemia and other diseases affecting wound healing to delay the removal of thread. If mommy has high body temperature and pain after operation, check the wound in time and find that 95% alcohol gauze can be applied wet twice a day. If there is no improvement after application, the wound redness has a sense of fluctuation, can confirm infection, to remove the line drainage in time.

 Abdominal band is a medical product, the general doctor will recommend that postpartum mother in the first day after delivery to use abdominal band, to help the body spittoon cough, accelerate postpartum recovery. But caesarean section mother after the operation will leave a wound in the abdomen, so can not immediately use abdominal band, to avoid wound infection. The general doctor will advise the caesarean mother to use the restraint band after the wound is completely healed, usually after 2 months.

 This caesarean section mother must pay attention to the correct method and time. Six months after caesarean section, mothers' pelvis can also undergo physiological contraction. Caesarean section mothers can choose to do hours after meals every day to use abdominal band, before bedtime, not more than 8 hours a day, while avoiding too tight constraints.