baby pant: Wrong behavior about baby diapers

Wrong behavior about baby diapers

1.Always wash with a wet paper


Although wet paper  is very convenient, but also can not rely too much. Some parents say ," I buy wet wipes are natural, harmless, non-irritating ", but wet wipes contain disinfection fungicides, preservatives, aromatic agents and other chemical addition you can not ignore! This will more or less cause some irritation to the baby's skin, especially some allergic babies, so long-term use of wipes is not a good thing.


Correct practice:

 Better use 37℃ of warm water to clean the baby's little fart, and gently wipe dry, and then let the fart in the air for a while, reduce moisture, and then wear diapers. wet paper  is not not not allowed to use, but to use less, can be prepared when out to help the baby clean. Parents can also carry a bottle of warm water, need to clean wet cotton towel for the baby wipe.


2.The size is inappropriate

Some parents think that the baby grows fast, always want to buy the baby a large number of diapers; others are because the baby grows fast, the diaper is small and not willing to discard, in line with the "hard work" is hard to let the baby continue to wear. Diapers are too large to leak urine, while diapers are too small to seep back because they leave more urine than diapers can bear, and too tight diapers can damage the baby's delicate skin. So, don't worry about saving this money, diapers must buy suitable for the baby!


Correct practice:

 Although diapers have model restrictions, but different brands, different models will have a certain weight range, poop Ma Ma Ma should refer to the value given for the baby to buy diapers suitable for the baby.

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