The difference between puerperium nursing pad and maternal sanitary napkin?

Maternal nursing pad is a sanitary nursing product for parturient, because the surface material of nursing pad is softer and more obvious, the effect of absorbing lochia is more obvious, and the air permeability is not easy to be tortured by sweat. The most critical maternal postpartum weakness, easy to be infected by bacteria, so maternal care pad for independent packaging, absolutely sterile.

 The physical condition of the parturient is very special, completely different from that of the ordinary woman. This is because postpartum parturient's birth canal is open, skin is highly sensitive, resistance also drops, easy to develop infection. The general sanitary napkin is made of synthetic fiber, containing chemical components, many impurities, not strict disinfection, some brands do not even carry out special disinfection, the use of such sanitary napkins, will stimulate wounds, aggravate maternal pain, It is easier to aggravate the infection rate of parturient. In addition, maternal wounds are very afraid of covering qi, thick sanitary napkins poor permeability, very unfavorable to postpartum recovery. The puerperium nursing pad is developed for the special physiological state of the parturient. The material and design fully take into account the needs of the parturient and solve some of the above problems.

 What is the difference between postpartum nursing pad and sanitary napkin?

 Puerperal nursing pad is a special medical care equipment for postpartum women. 100% pure cotton, protect local sensitive skin; add national secret formula, remove blood stasis, prevent postpartum infection ;100,000 germicidal standards and pharmaceutical grade manufacturing technology, safe bacteriostasis. Puerperal nursing pad can effectively prevent the clinical problems that may occur during puerperium. Puerperal nursing pad is a necessary personal product for pregnant women after delivery. In the first half of the month, there will be a large amount of lochia flowing out every day. The general sanitary towel is not hygienic and too small to satisfy. At this time, professional puerperal nursing pad is needed.

 The general sanitary napkin is made of chemical fiber, including adhesive, fluorescent whitening agent and other chemical components, which is very unsuitable for the highly sensitive skin of parturient, easy to produce irritation and cause maternal infection.

  General sanitary napkin water absorption general, easy side leakage, reflux, can not deal with a large number of postpartum lochia; in the process of use, sanitary napkin surface wet, sultry, not only make the parturient wet sticky uncomfortable feeling, The lochia also contains nutrients suitable for rapid growth of bacteria, which is extremely unfavorable to the healing of maternal wounds.

 In the puerperium, the mother's physiological condition is different from the average woman, at this time the birth canal is open, the physique weak resistance drops, very easy to have the infection, generally speaking, the net surface nursing pad is more breathable, the ability to prevent infiltration is better than cotton, and dry.

 Maternal care pad is equivalent to a special sanitary towel. For puerperium, it is more professional in material and design than sanitary towel. Nursing pad can absorb a large amount of excreta and effectively prevent dirty sheets and quilts.