sanitary napkin:During the period of new crown pneumonia, pregnant women go out for medical attention

During the period of new crown pneumonia, pregnant women go out for medical attention:



1.If non-natal check-up medical treatment, should be able to meet the needs of the nearest, less outpatient medical institutions; give priority to the necessary, urgent medical examination and medical operations; make a good appointment and preparation before the visit, familiar with the hospital department layout and procedures, as far as possible to reduce the time. Production inspection is the choice of file hospital, pay attention to do a good job of protection.

2. Go to the hospital and hospital, should pay attention to prevent cold and warm, avoid colds; pregnant women and accompanying family members should wear medical surgical masks or N95 masks; can carry hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes, keep hands clean; Keep the distance between people as far as possible on the road and hospital (at least 1 meter).

3. To avoid public transport, you can choose to take a taxi or self-driving, if necessary, open the window to facilitate the circulation of air in the car.

 4.Contact hospital door handle, door curtain, doctor white coat and other hospital items, try to use hand disinfectant, if not timely hand disinfection, do not contact mouth, nose, eye.

5. After going home, properly handle masks, change clothes, wash hands, wash face, facial features and other exposed areas. Clothes should be cleaned and disinfected as soon as possible, and the coat should be placed in the air circulation place.

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