Liquid sanitary napkin

Liquid sanitary napkin is a new sanitary napkin, which does not have liquid, but uses a new absorbent material, similar to the porous form of memory cotton. Compared with traditional sanitary napkins, liquid sanitary napkins are drier and more absorbent.

 As early as 2014, Hu Shubao launched a new product leading the technology —— a "future sanitary napkin" from liquid materials and took it to China.

 However, the liquid sanitary napkin, which will set off a comfortable revolution for women, is not as popular as expected in the female market, but more like a flash in the pan, stirring up waves and returning to calm.

Called liquid sanitary napkin, it is different from cotton wool fiber used in traditional sanitary napkin. Absorption material is a new liquid material FlexFoamTM, which is liquefied by emulsifying pure water and nano-molecular grade polymer. Similar to the porous form of memory cotton.

 In July 2018, Consumer Report sent the only liquid sanitary napkin to a third-party authority for testing, including absorption dispersion, water absorption rate, infiltration, infiltration and side leakage. The results showed that the surface of liquid sanitary napkin was drier. The absorption performance is better and there is no side leakage. The liquid sanitary napkin has the phenomenon of reosmosis after slightly the same pressure, but the quantity is less, its absorption time is shorter, the average time is only 3 seconds.

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