Is ovulation time before menstruation or after menstruation?

Pregnant women should pay attention to, not because of their pregnancy, frequent roommates. In order to improve the probability of conception, reasonable arrangement of the same room time. In each menstrual cycle, ovulation is the most suitable time to conceive, so it is recommended that women share the room at this time. Is that ovulation time before menstruation or after menstruation?


 According to the physiological characteristics of women, women must ovulation before menstruation. After entering the ovulation period, the estrogen level in the female body will increase obviously, the endometrium will proliferate continuously under the stimulation of estrogen, and menstruation will come when the thickness of endometrium reaches a certain degree. If there is no normal ovulation, it may affect the menstruation of women, or even amenorrhea.57407726887769601.jpg

 In terms of women's menstrual cycle, ovulation is 14 days before the next menstruation. It is not only ovulation day to conceive, two or three days before and after ovulation day is in easy pregnancy, these time period is also very high probability of conception. For women who don't want to be pregnant, try not to share a room these days.


 Some women can't remember their menstruation, and it's difficult to calculate ovulation. b super-detection can be used to monitor ovulation, from the third day after menstruation, and doctors set the time for the next test until follicular maturation is monitored.