What reason causes postpartum waist ache?


Low back pain, a symptom that women are prone to after production, women can have too many problems after production, some women will have low back pain after giving birth to children, which must be caused by some reasons. Therefore must cause attention, must not often ignore. So postpartum waist ache is what reason causes?

 There are many reasons for postpartum low back pain. First, it is suspected that hormone level may be related to hormone level, because hormone level can not be restored to normal level immediately after production, including pelvic ligament or lumbar ligament is relatively relaxed, causing low back pain.

 This requires physical improvement, such as hot compress, to increase local blood circulation to relieve pain. In fact, most of the low back pain after production is caused by these two reasons. Women should pay attention to their physiological changes, such as whether ligaments have relaxation, correct bad posture in time, and adjust them to normal level.

 Of course, there are some other factors can also cause postpartum low back pain, such as not paying attention to maintenance, let the waist cool cold, will also cause low back pain, so postpartum women should pay attention to do a good job of protection, in order to reduce the occurrence of postpartum low back pain.

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