Bad postpartum mood may be caused by hormones


From birth to the present, you may have experienced everything from ecstasy to pleasure, to sadness, to even depression. It could be the hormones in your body. Or maybe your pressure is too great! Then burst out! Ma Ma belt baby, temper has 1,000 reasons to be forgiven! But for this reason, Dad can't refuse anything! The next time I lose my temper and ask for forgiveness, I tell my father bluntly: I don't want to lose my temper, but hormones are always making trouble!


 No matter how thoughtful your plan for the previous ten months, giving birth is an extraordinary experience, and it is normal to be afraid and shocked. In the face of the new life in your arms, it is normal to feel strange, do not feel uneasy about it. Like all emotions, your love for your baby takes time to cultivate. So, relax, you'll have enough time to love your baby.

 Feeling frustrated

 After childbirth, a lot of things do not care about themselves, plus the transformation of new identity, your psychological pressure is beyond your imagination. But everyone who has just started as a mother needs time to study, now is when you are just starting, don't lose heart, maybe you have done much better than other mothers!

 Feeling bad

 A survey shows that 70~80 percent of new mothers have experienced varying degrees of postpartum depression. This is only due to normal changes in hormone levels in the body after childbirth. You just need to relax, have a good rest, and tell yourself that the situation will pass in a few days.

 Feeling depressed

 About 15% of new mothers develop postpartum depression. Postpartum depression is more likely if you are emotionally depressed during pregnancy, or if the delivery is very bad. Symptoms of postpartum depression include fatigue, guilt, irritability, anxiety, and so on. If you still feel uncomfortable, after 42 days postpartum, go back to the hospital for a physical examination, you can consult a doctor.