How many days after taking progesterone menstruation?


Irregular menstruation is a problem that many women often encounter. The effective component of progesterone pill is progesterone. Progesterone capsule can inhibit the release of luteinizing hormone in the anterior pituitary through negative feedback to the hypothalamus. So that follicles can not mature, inhibit ovarian ovulation process. Eating progesterone menstruation is also a common method for women, so, eat progesterone a few days menstruation?

 Generally eat progesterone is 3-7 days after withdrawal to menstruation, women should wait patiently, during this period pay attention to diet do not eat spicy food, pay attention to rest, medication is a process, everyone's drug resistance is not the same, Pay attention to observe the menstrual time is good. In addition, we should pay attention to observe the amount of bleeding, pay attention to the care of abdominal warmth, reasonable diet, increase comprehensive nutrition, conducive to the regularity of menstruation. When using drugs, we should pay attention to the side effects, adverse reactions and so on. Specific can refer to progesterone glue pill instructions. Details can also see other relevant information, to achieve scientific and rational use of drugs. If you take progesterone capsule a week after the future menstruation, it is recommended to consult the relevant person before treatment.

 After taking progesterone does not come menstruation how to do?

 In general, after eating progesterone, will come within 3 to 7 days menstruation, according to different people's physique and absorption problems, some will be earlier or later. Some are not pregnant endometrium thin take xanthone capsule stop drug more than 10 days menstruation. So sometimes after taking medicine, need to observe patiently for a few days, if still did not come for a long time, and oneself do not understand the details, suggest female friends do not continue to abuse progesterone privately, specific diagnosis and treatment must go to the hospital under the guidance of doctors! There may be several reasons for not coming:

 After the use of progesterone later, or not to explain the lack of estrogen level in the body; to further check the causes of estrogen deficiency, B ultrasound examination of endometrium;

 Ovarian or pituitary or thalamic causes can lead to abnormal gonadal axis function, in which ovarian and thalamic causes are most common;

 3. pelvic effusion may be related to menstruation; pay attention to the presence of lower abdomen, low back pain and other symptoms; can also go to the hospital in the non-periodic doctor examination, can understand whether there is pelvic inflammation.

 Can menstrual period eat progesterone?

 Some female friends are taking progesterone, and the menstrual period is approaching, do not know whether to continue to eat, some are during the menstrual period doctors opened progesterone drugs, but also some menstrual delay, should not stop, so, Can you eat progesterone during the menstrual period?

 Progesterone is a supplement to progesterone, can be used to regulate menstruation, can delay menstruation or menstruation. The use method is different, the treatment effect is also different. Take progesterone according to the doctor's instructions or read progesterone instructions.

 Menstrual period needs reasonable maintenance rest, do not tired, menstrual period as far as possible do not take medicine. Before taking progesterone, you can stop medicine, wait for menstruation to clean before continuing reasonable regulation. Use progesterone must be under the guidance of doctors, do not blindly self-medication, if improper use will have side effects, health threats. At the same time, pay attention to menstrual hygiene, pay attention to warm, do not eat spicy irritant food.