Will emergency birth control pills advance menstruation?

57400820580358935.jpgTaking the emergency pill is a very easy method of contraception, but it is only effective when women of childbearing age take it within 72 hours after the contraceptive failure. Because the main components of the emergency pill are estrogen and progesterone, it has great side effects if taken for a long time or too many times.

Many female friends after eating emergency contraception found menstruation ahead of time, suspected to be caused by emergency contraceptives. But at the same time, the situation is uncertain. So want to find out the emergency contraceptive and menstrual advance relationship. Emergency birth control pills usually cause menstrual disorders, which lead to early menstruation, but the reason for early menstruation is not just the only factor in taking emergency birth control pills, according to gender health experts.

 Emergency birth control pills are familiar and used by women. However, because of the lack of understanding of the safety of emergency contraception, many female friends often have nausea, vomiting, menstrual changes, irregular uterine bleeding and other side effects of emergency contraceptives after taking emergency contraception. In the side effects of emergency contraceptives, its effect on menstruation is relatively large. Many women now rely on emergency birth control pills, which are less effective than conventional birth control pills and have a greater impact on menstrual cycle and volume changes.

Effects of emergency contraceptives on menstrual periods

 Menstrual delay days are different, some people occasionally eat will not change, but some people can cause menopause 2,3 months, this is very worrying, because fear of pregnancy, so long time should be observed at any time to avoid pregnancy, and take emergency contraceptives easy to cause ectopic pregnancy, so be careful in this respect, once the body has pregnancy symptoms to go to the hospital without hesitation to do an examination.

 If you are sure you haven't had sex after taking the emergency pill, do n' t worry too much. It's just irregular menstruation, relax, wait patiently, and excessive anxiety will delay menstruation. Mother's network encyclopedia recommends that unless forced, do not use post-contraception, the safest way is condoms.