Postpartum hemorrhoids to the investigation report before and after gestation of women in the world ,80% of women have multiple hemorrhoids before and after gestation, and routine hemorrhoids often do not attract people's attention, but should be treated in time before and after pregnancy and childbirth.

 1. developmental stage women are affected by uterine development, the uterus squeezes the rectum, causes the rectum to tilt backward, the curvature increases, the stool passes slower than the male, therefore easy to cause constipation, thus produces hemorrhoids.

 2. pregnancy due to fetal enlargement compression rectum, rectal anal venous reflux disorder, causing hemorrhoids varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

 3. delivery can cause local hemorrhoids venous reflux disorder, hemorrhoids, and even hemorrhoids vein damage, leading to thrombotic external hemorrhoids and inflammatory external hemorrhoids.

 After 4. delivery, because of abdominal cavity emptiness, stool consciousness is slow, often a few days without stool, plus bed rest for a long time, defecation is weak, so that feces stay in the intestine for too long become highly sclerotic, defecation is easy to cause anal injury.

 u=3788236550,3256337400&fm=26&gp=0.jpgBecause of the increase of uterus, the increase of pelvic pressure can not be changed, but it can prevent the aggravation of hemorrhoids, such as avoiding constipation, avoiding sitting for a long time, adjusting diet and so on. Postpartum, with the delivery of the fetus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine returned to normal position, due to the removal of compression factors, intestinal peristalsis slowed down, plus pelvic muscles and anal muscles too tight after delivery, perineal injury pain and hemorrhoids pain, parturient dare not defecate, postpartum more lying position, less activity, abdominal wall relaxation, eat more less residue food, prone to constipation, hemorrhoids aggravated.

 Postpartum hemorrhoids is one of the obstetric emergencies, which is because the abdominal pressure increases with the increase of uterus after pregnancy, especially in the later stage of pregnancy, the inferior vena cava hyperemia and dilatation, especially the uterine contraction gradually strengthen during delivery, and the force of holding breath is easy to produce hemorrhoids. After hemorrhoids incarceration, internal hemorrhoids prolapse out of the anus, sphincter spasm can not be reduced by itself and hyperemia and edema, the removed core also stimulates the peripheral nerve around the anus, making it swollen and painful, severe can occur ischemic necrosis. Using Chinese herbal medicine prescription with clearing heat and dampness, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, converging, fumigation and washing hemorrhoids, improving blood circulation of local tissues, and adding reasonable diet and nourishing, hemorrhoids often receive satisfactory curative effect on postpartum hemorrhoids, which not only eliminates clinical symptoms, but also has long-term curative effect.

 After pregnancy, with the growth of the fetus, the uterus gradually increases, abdominal pressure also increases, postpartum hemorrhoids occur frequently, because of the increase of abdominal pressure and increase the uterine compression, the venous reflux is blocked, the pressure increases and causes varicose, late pregnancy is obviously aggravated. During delivery, the pregnant woman exerts downward force for a long time, which promotes venous blood stasis; the stimulation of postpartum constipation to anus will cause postpartum hemorrhoids to occur, hemorrhoids prolapse, and the original hemorrhoids aggravation.

 Postpartum hemorrhoids serious will make local edema, pain, stool bleeding, some parturient afraid of pain and hold back stool, cause constipation, make hemorrhoids worse, form a vicious circle, feel very painful.

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