organic cotton santiary pad:Public Guidelines for the Prevention of New Coronary Pneumonia (Maternity)

New crown pneumonia is a new disease, pregnant women in the middle and late pregnancy once infected, easy to develop into severe, not only affect their own health, but also endanger the fetus. In order to ensure the health of mother and child, according to the current understanding of the disease, this guide is suitable for the prevention of pregnant women and their families during the epidemic.


 Key points of prevention at home:

 1. keep the room air fresh, suitable temperature, timely window opening, avoid overheating or overheating, lest cold.

 2. maternal towels, bath towels, tableware, bedding and other daily necessities used alone to avoid cross-infection.

 3. keep hands clean at any time. Wash hands with hand sanitizer or soap before and after meals, or use alcohol-free hand sanitizer; avoid hand contact with mouth, nose and eye when hands are not clean; cover mouth and nose with paper towel when sneezing or coughing.

 4. maintain a balanced nutrition, light diet, avoid excessive eating, do a good job of weight control.

 5. avoid visits from relatives and friends, avoid contact with respiratory infections and people who have been to areas with high incidence within two weeks.

 6. parturient insist on breast-feeding, wash hands correctly before feeding.

 7. the law of life, sleep enough, drink more water, exercise properly, maintain a good attitude, enhance their resistance.


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