Maternal pad

Maternal pad,waterproof pad cloth, for nursing use. Applicable object: puerperium parturient, abortion, induced labor, or gynecological surgery.

图片3.png The product is made of nonwovens

 [Product characteristics]

 1. reduce allergies, reduce injury, prevent postpartum infection, skin contact will not cause allergic or other toxic reactions, minimize postpartum pain.

 2. body light will not burden the patient.

 3. construction is mainly based on the use of convenience type, patient safety needs type combined production.

 4. convenient to deal with lochia at different times.

 5. this product is a disinfection grade product, please feel free to use it.

 The first time after delivery to the entire puerperium bleeding and lochia discharge.

 [Method of use]

 1. placed under the user to absorb excreta.

 2. bed to prevent bed sheets, cotton quilt pollution.

 [Storage conditions] shall be stored in rooms with relative humidity not exceeding 80%, non-corrosive gases and well-ventilated to avoid high temperatures.


 1. this product is extinct by ethylene oxide, for one-time use, after use should be unified elimination.

 2. use is prohibited if rupture or leakage is found.

 3. please replace the dirty care pad in time to keep the skin dry and clean.

 4. wash hands to avoid bacterial contamination before each change of care pad.

 5. no allergies to nonwovens and wood pulp cotton. If the skin feels untimely, please stop using and consult your doctor.

 6. please do not use with heating appliances such as electric blankets.

 7. avoid high temperature, humidity, direct sunlight.