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Adult diapers market demand burst, the market scale of nearly 10 billion?


 Incontinence Adult Diaper

Population ageing promotes greater market size

At present, China's pension care market is expanding. According to the research group of the National Social Science Fund "Research on the Development of Endowment consumption and Endowment Industry ", by 2050, the scale of China's elderly supplies market will reach 100 trillion, accounting for 33% of GDP, and the scale of elderly supplies is very large. The main reason is the growing number of the elderly population. By the end of 2018, China's elderly population over 60 years old had reached 249 million, expected to exceed 300 million in 2025 and 483 million in 2050.

According to the data released by the Office of the National Commission on Aging, the current number of elderly people over 65 years of age who need long-term care in China is 37.5 million, about 2 million people under 65 years of age with paralysis and semi-paralysis, plus other incontinence patients. Conservative estimates of the country's adult incontinence supplies of the total number of disabled elderly people nearly 40 million.



An aging society, For some old - age supplies, According to the results of the fourth sample survey of the living conditions of the elderly in urban and rural areas in China released in October 2016, 65.6 per cent of older persons use ageing products, Of these ,71.8 per cent were in towns, The rural area is 59.0. The proportion of adult diapers or pads used was only 1.0 percent, Far below the world average penetration level of 12. And based on the population of the disabled, If it's based on 4 tablets per person per day, China's adult diaper market demand will be about 58.5 billion pieces a year. If calculated at the world average penetration level, The annual consumption of adult incontinence supplies will reach 6.132 billion tablets, If the average price of 1.62 yuan per piece (excluding tax) is calculated, Domestic adult incontinence supplies market scale of nearly 10 billion yuan.


Local brands dominate

Any market is from disorder to order, just like the baby diapers market and sanitary napkins market, early savage growth, late return to calm period, survival of the fittest, adult diapers market is the same.

From the current adult diapers market, the brand is more concentrated, local brands occupy more than 90% of the market share. According to relevant data, as of the end of 2017, there are 431 adult incontinence products manufacturers, including Hengan, reliable, Qianzhiya, Zhenqi and other local manufacturers, international manufacturers have SCA, Kimberly-Clark, Eunija and so on. Local adult diapers are more well-known brands are Anerkang, Bao adults, reliable, Qianzhi Ya, Huiquan, international brands have company, music mutual, Tianning, An Guyi and so on.


diaper penetration

 E-commerce platform is the main sales channel

From the channel of adult diapers sales, there are three main channels, namely, pension institutions, hospitals and e-commerce platforms. And e-commerce platform in addition to the larger Tmall, JingDong, Su Ning, koala and other mainstream platforms as well as cross-border platforms, some vertical types of mother and child e-commerce into Beibei net, honey bud and so on are also being sold. Different from baby diapers, one of the main reasons why e-commerce has become the mainstream sales channel is that consumers have lower requirements for adult diapers, pursue lower prices, and the repurchase rate of diapers and user stickiness are stronger.

Low-end markets can not shake for a short time

However, because the consumption of adult diapers and baby diapers is different, the average mother will always compare goods when buying diapers for her baby, considering the quality and safety of products, consumption upgrading also promotes market upgrading, and the market demand for high-end baby diapers is greater. But it is also due to the large demand and rapid development of the adult diaper market. Most consumers are based on low prices. There are a large number of inferior adult diapers with less than one or even a few cents on each platform. The whole market is in a stage of disorderly competition.