Sanitary pads

Small sanitary pads (panty liner) are easy to use and are popular with women. Some people even use them every day except menstrual periods, and most users do not use them as often as they replace sanitary napkins, usually only one per day. 

The time is more than 12 hours. Doctors say that there are great hidden dangers, but different people can treat them differently.image.pngHealthy women should not use sanitary pads every day, but there are also hidden dangers: most of the pads have a layer of plastic at the bottom, poor air permeability, it is easy to cause damp pudendal, sweating, so that pathogens breed.

 Long-term failure to replace sanitary pads will greatly increase local humidity and temperature, especially in hot climates, which not only creates suitable conditions for the growth of bacteria and fungi, but also destroys the pH of the vagina. 

Reduce the local protective barrier, will cause vaginitis. In addition, the friction of sanitary pads can easily cause local skin or hair follicle injury, vulva folliculitis and other diseases, so sanitary pads should not be used for a long time, the use of pads is not necessary to clean local ideas every day is wrong.

 Some women use pads mainly to cope with excessive secretions and odors in the lower body. He suggests that if someone in a similar situation shows that there may be some symptoms in their body, they should go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.

 1. summer people sweat easily, in unnecessary cases as far as possible do not use sanitary pads.

 2. some additives or scented sanitary pads may increase the probability of allergies for some people.

 3. the use of sanitary pads, should also pay attention to timely replacement, so as not to affect the lower body of women's acid-base environmental regulation.