Less menstruation after abortion

Less menstruation after abortion

 Less menstrual volume after abortion is believed to have troubled a lot of women, but because of the neglect of irregular menstruation, do not bother to find reasons, to take care of, or do not know how to judge how to be less menstrual volume so did not pay attention to, until the illness aggravated to see a doctor treatment. In fact, it is easy to miss the best conditioning and treatment time. Let's take a look at the postpartum menstrual volume of what are the symptoms? How do mothers judge whether they have less menstruation?

 Menstruation is the phenomenon of periodic vaginal bleeding or uterine bleeding in women. Normally, menstruation is bright red liquid, do not have purple dark color blood clot, menstrual cycle length is 28 days to 30 days, duration is 3 days to 7 days, bleeding total amount is 30 ml to 50 ml. generally There are two main symptoms of low postpartum menstrual volume:

 1. the symptoms of less menstrual volume after abortion, one is that the menstrual cycle is basically normal after production, but the menstrual volume is obviously reduced or even dripping. Normal people in the total amount of menstruation between 50-60 ml, if the menstrual cycle is normal, a menstrual blood volume less than 10 ml or less than two layers of paper are not wet, so even less menstrual volume.

 2. the symptoms of less menstrual volume after abortion, the duration of menstrual cycle after production is shortened, less than two days, and menstrual volume is also reduced. The menstruation is less often and the menstrual period is later, often accompanied by weight gain.

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