How to relieve dysmenorrhea

09.jpgProper exercise before menstruation relieves menstrual pain

 The first half of menstruation can feel a little swelling of the waist and abdomen, this time more walking or other moderate exercise, will make you more comfortable during menstruation. Yoga also relieves dysmenorrhea, such as kneeling on your knees and sitting on your heels. The forehead is on the ground, and the arms are stretched out against both sides of the body. Keep this position until you feel uncomfortable.

 Take painkillers when the pain is too strong

 When dysmenorrhea begins, take painkillers with milk or food, and the effective painkillers will take effect after 20 minutes to 30 minutes 12 hours without pain. But this method is somewhat harmful to the body, if the pain can be tolerated, it is recommended not to use.

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Dysmenorrhea medicine and dysmenorrhea paste which is better?

 Dysmenorrhea medicine and dysmenorrhea paste are two sharp weapons that people like to use to relieve their aunt's pain, so they also want to compare dysmenorrhea medicine with dysmenorrhea paste. Many people wonder which dysmenorrhea medicine is better than dysmenorrhea paste. In fact, dysmenorrhea medicine and dysmenorrhea paste can not be compared simply because dysmenorrhea medicine is different from dysmenorrhea paste. Dysmenorrhea paste is mainly used for external use to achieve the effect of warming the palace to relieve dysmenorrhea, and dysmenorrhea medicine is mainly taken in the way of internal clothing, acting on the body to achieve analgesic effect, so in many cases or simply from their own physical condition, to see their more suitable for pain or dysmenorrhea medicine, Because dysmenorrhea medicine and dysmenorrhea paste of the two different points of action, it is difficult to simply compare the two who is better.

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