Can you wash your hair during menstruation

Adults often say that girls can not wash their hair at night, especially with cold water. So, can girls wash their hair during menstruation?

 Western medicine believes that menstrual period can not wash hair is no medical basis, but the theory of traditional Chinese medicine is not. During physiological period, blood circulation is already poor, shampoo will make blood concentrated to the head, affect uterine blood circulation, so that the blood in the uterus can not be removed smoothly, easy to cause the reduction of menstrual blood volume or menstrual pain.


 On the other hand, because the pores on the hair root open, if the wind cold, it is easy to cause headache problems, especially at night or before bedtime shampoo. If your hair is not completely dry, go to bed immediately. In the case of low body resistance and metabolic power, all kinds of problems will definitely find you.

 Women's menstrual period is relatively fragile, at this time the most important is to keep warm and not cool, wash your hands and face as much as possible to use warm water, even in summer, hair washing is OK.

 But it's best not to wash on the first day, because shampoo can have a strong irritation to the scalp. If you wash your hair at this time, even if it's hot water, but our heads can't be guaranteed to be always in the water.

 Scientists have also shown that if you wash your hair during menstruation, the brain nerve is stimulated and the uterus contracts. And if the uterus contracts, the hormones in the body will appear secretion confusion. This situation cumulatively, will cause cell carcinogenesis, leading to breast cancer, uterine cancer and other gynecological cancer.

  Women in the menstrual period than usual when the body resistance will be weaker, at this time must pay attention to maintenance, if not pay attention to is likely to have a certain impact on the body. So female friends in the menstrual period had better not wash hair, if there are special circumstances, the first three days can not wash, wash hair can not use cold water, to use hot water.

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