What is the reason why menstrual quantity is less blood black

Menstruation is a physiological cycle, women of childbearing age every other month or so cycle, endometrial spontaneous thickening, vascular proliferation, glandular growth and secretion, endometrial collapse and shedding with periodic changes in bleeding. This periodic vaginal bleeding or uterine bleeding phenomenon, called menstruation.

 Menstrual volume less color black may be caused by blood in the uterine cavity for a longer stay or gynecological inflammation, because the blood mixed with shedding endometrial fragments, cervical mucus and vaginal epithelial cells, so the color looks dark, Not as bright as the blood from broken skin, and in menstrual blood mixed with small thin fragments.

 Menstrual blood is less, stay in uterus vagina a long time, color is more dark. So, menstrual quantity less color black how to do?

 Gynecological experts said that when the amount of menstruation less color black, female friends are very worried, generally the occurrence of this situation, in fact, menstruation is black is Qi stagnation blood stasis, menstrual blood deposition in the uterus caused by a long time. Menstrual volume is less than normal menstrual volume, due to blood deficiency, qi stagnation, blood stasis, cold coagulation blood vessels, phlegm obstruction and other reasons.

 Therefore, experts suggest that female friends who have this phenomenon should go to the hospital in time for examination. In general, diseases that cause irregular menstruation in women are found in ovarian and cervical diseases.


Menstrual volume less black how to regulate:

 1. menstrual less black need to avoid cold

 Experts explained that if a woman often has a less black menstrual volume, most of her body itself is a cold constitution, and people with cold constitution are more likely to have menstrual disorders and dysmenorrhea, because people with cold constitution are not easy to discharge through the body. This kind of physique women should pay special attention to their own warmth and health care during the menstrual period, avoid eating some cold food and contact with cold, especially the stomach can not catch cold. In peacetime also need to eat some warm fruit and food, to drive away the body cold.

 2. menstruation less black blood is also the key

 Menstrual volume is less, refers to menstruation is less than ordinary people, this is mostly due to qi and blood weakness and Yin Qi deficiency and so on, so in peacetime should pay attention to all aspects of the problem, strengthen nutrition, moderate exercise, appropriate blood and some nourishing yin food is also OK. People with weak qi and blood can rest more during menstruation, drink some brown sugar water, or eat some jujube porridge a few days before menstruation. This is conducive to tonifying qi and blood, to alleviate the amount of menstrual period is also a way, but in the long run, to change their own physique, endocrine regulation is the most important.

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