baby diaper (Baby girl)

The physiological structure of female baby is very different from that of male baby, so the manufacturer of diaper makes different design of diaper. Normal male treasure uses the urine not wet is the front absorbs the urine to store the urine, and the female treasure uses the urine not wet structure opposite, is the back absorbs the urine, some female treasure mother wants to know, the female treasure uses the urine not wet always only wet behind and leaks the urine how to do?


Because the baby urinates from the buttocks down, so the suction tank in the back of the design is reasonable. Occurrence leak urine is not the problem of suction trough, should be leakproof strip has a problem, it is possible that the mother did not pull up the leakproof strip when wearing urine to the baby, so the leak occurred.

 There is also a possibility that the urine does not leak from the back, that is, the water lock is not good, the normal female treasure special urine does not absorb water but also lock water, the wool pulp absorbs water, should not be squeezed out because the child lies flat. Urine is not wet always leak urine can change for baby, use pull pants, pull pants design and underwear is very similar, but waist and leg are loose belt, elastic belt will not strangle but also do not let urine leak out.

 The use of diapers or pull pants can really solve the situation of children urinating bed, but also pay attention to the child's skin care, must be replaced in time, and let the child's skin in a dry and breathable state.