The grapes are the fruit of plant grapes in the Grapidaceae.Native to West Asia, in the north of the Yangtze River basin in China, mainly in Xinjiang, Gansu, Shanxi and other places.There are many grape varieties, according to their different origin, divided into Oriental varieties and European state variety group.Annual 9 ~ October fruit is ripe, fresh or shade dry standby.The grapes contains 8%~10%.It also contains a variety of inorganic salts, vitamins, and various substances with physiological functions.The grapes are also quite rich in potassium content.


Type of grapes

There are thousands of grapes produced around the world, which can generally be divided into two categories: wine grapes and edible grapes:

1, wine grapes

Wine grapes can be divided into three varieties: white wine, red wine and color tuning, with major regions in southern France, eastern Italy, California, and South America.

2, eats the grapes

There are more varieties of edible grapes, the giant peak, longan, rose fragrance and other varieties common in the market are good and inexpensive edible grapes, and the famous Xinjiang horse milk grape, Hebei white milk grape, Shandong longan grape and Sichuan green grape are sweet taste, nutritious grapes.Generally speaking, the more abundant the sunshine in the edible grape growing area, the drier the climate, the greater the temperature difference between morning and evening, the fuller the fruit, the stronger the taste, the higher the nutritional value.