Oral symptoms of vitamin deficiency

Oral symptoms of vitamin deficiency


Vitamin is essential to maintain the normal physiological function of the nutrients, the body daily amount, generally not lack, but vitamins can not synthesis or synthesis in the body, so must be taken from food, such as insufficient food intake, improper cooking, the body absorption disorders and physiological needs to increase in vitamin deficiency, vitamin deficiency is often not a simple, but a variety of vitamin deficiency, such as vitamin B is often several lack at the same time.

Clinical manifestations

 1. Vitamin B deficiency

(1) Vitamin B2 deficiency

Croatitis: bilateral quarrel wet erosion or ulcer, and see transverse fissure, can extend to the mucosa and skin about 1cm, covered with yellow scab, affect mouth, speaking and eating.

Lippitis: slightly swollen lips, red and dry lips, dedandruff, chapped, or peeling erosion, pain, burning feeling.


Tonggitis: the early tongue has a dry sensation, burning sensation or tingling, and then the tongue body is enlarged, bright red (magenta), bacterial nipple swollen, congested. Then first the filiform nipple, then the bacterial nipple atrophy disappear, make the tongue surface become smooth, shiny atrophic tongue itis, some patients can see the tongue crack or small ulcers. Some patients can develop oral mucosal ulcers.

(2) Niacin Deficiency (pellagra)

Serious tongue inflammation, the whole tongue or part of the tongue mucosa is bright red, early filar nipple, bacterial nipple hypertrophy, later filar nipple, then bacterial nipple atrophy, tongue face red, bright, beef red, especially sensitive to trauma or other stimulation, prone to traumatic ulcers, can have tongue pain, tenderness, and even spontaneous pain. In addition to tongue involvement, there can also be general stomatitis, prone to gingivitis, periodontitis, necrotizing gingivitis or gingivitis, can also matter and vitamin B2 deficiency, can appear early keratitis, stomatitis and other symptoms.

 In addition, vitamin B1 deficiency, oral mucosa can have highly sensitive, jaw neuralgia pain, vitamin B6 and paniquienic acid, folic acid deficiency can produce stomatitis, oral mucoitis and other damage.

 2. Vitamin C deficiency (Scurvy)

The most important and earliest manifestations of vitamin C deficiency are gingivitis, gingival bleeding, and gingival swelling. The gingival hypertrophy is too long, soft as sponge, dark purple red, slightly pressed is bleeding, swollen gums can cover the crown, may appear surface erosion, ulcers and secondary infection, often pain and bloody halitosis. If there are local stimulatory factors or poor oral hygiene, it can aggravate the symptoms, gradually develop into periodontitis, and finally the teeth are loose and fall off. Bleor brumarks also seen in the oral mucosa besides bleeding gums. If there is bleeding in the temporomandibular joint, the patient has pain when opening his mouth and closing. In addition, wound healing disorders, increased susceptibility to infection, easy to accompany necrotizing gingistomatitis.