Best Treatment for Postpartum Hemorrhoids

Best Treatment for Postpartum Hemorrhoids


 In life, a large number of pregnant women will suffer from hemorrhoids for various reasons after giving birth to their children, and some pregnant women will develop hemorrhoids at 28-36 weeks of pregnancy. Especially one week before delivery, constipation will cause local varicose veins and form hemorrhoids. This disease is not a serious illness but also makes female friends miserable. Postpartum hemorrhoids should choose appropriate treatment method according to the severity of symptom, so what is the best treatment method of postpartum hemorrhoids?

1614565618(1).png 1. medicine conditioning method: daily use potassium permanganate solution to clean vulva or sit bath treatment hemorrhoids effect is better, in order to alleviate anal pain can also be local cold or hot compress, can also apply hemorrhoids ointment or external application of Jiuhua ointment.

 2. exercise conditioning method: proper exercise can reduce venous pressure, strengthen the function of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system, enhance muscle strength, which is very effective for the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids, anal movement is the simplest and most effective method, if can persevere will play a multiplier effect with half the effort.

 3. daily recuperation method: the new mother should live regularly, defecate regularly every day to keep defecation unobstructed, but also change underwear frequently, wash anus frequently and keep vulva dry. As the saying goes, after a wash, hemorrhoids do not edge, after defecation around the anal skin folds will often leave some unclean small fecal residue, because hemorrhoids often prolapse, local swelling and inflammation, hemorrhoids varicose veins increasingly aggravated, The skin folds around the anus will gradually increase the amount of feces embedded.

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